Do you want to learn how to rebuild your own health?


Stop for a moment and imagine what you would do if you had more time and more energy.  Imagine what your life would be like.  How you would feel.  What you could achieve.

Take a deep breath and picture yourself living a life of abundance.  Reaching your true potential.

This is possible and I can show you how.

Watch the above introductory video and discover my online program The Art of Creating Energy.  Then join the waitlist here and you'll be the first to know when doors for enrolment open:



"This course has opened a complete new world for me. I thought I understood my body but what an enlightening, inspiring and instructive learning process and journey it’s been!  Ruth is an outstanding health practitioner of remarkable knowledge, experience and dedication.  Her expertise and experience highly contributed to my recovery and capacity to integrate easily and progressively all of her health protocols in my day to day life."  - Daniele


This self-paced, online program will take you from pushing and dragging yourself through each day to feeling alive again, motivated and in control.  You'll get:

  • Seven modules showing you literally everything you need to start taking control of your health and creating more energy in your day.
  • A deep understanding of how your body works so you'll feel in control of your health and know who to turn to when you need help (this will save you more time, energy and money than you can imagine). 
  • The chance to create your own health blueprint so that you know how to keep moving forward on your health journey for years to come.
  • Step-by-step strategies to create a healthy body and mind so that you can feel normal again - eat take-aways, stay up late with your friends, go back to the gym...and most importantly, be able to think clearly!




"For the first time in forever, I have felt energised, no pain in my hands and the clarity in my head is just amazing.  It's like a light went on.  The change was so noticeable even people around me saw a change in my demeanour.  Simply life changing and so easy to implement." - Tanya

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Hi.  I'm Ruth

I've been working in natural health for over 23 years now and I'm here to support and inspire you to learn more about your body and your health.

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