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Mag Phos - Nature's Muscle Relaxant


You can buy biochemic tissue salts or cell salts (also called Scheussler's salts) in most health shops and pharmacies and because they're so gentle, non-addictive and have minimal side effects, they're a wonderful natural remedy to keep at home.

In this video I chat a bit about Mag Phos 6X - often called nature's muscle relaxant. It helps with spasms, headaches, twitches and cramps.   So if you're struggling with pain that is sharp and shooting, for example period pain, abdominal cramps, or if you get regular cramps in your feet or calves, then this video is for you.

Another way to cope with pain is to regularly apply pressure to the reflexes on your hands and feet.  This is known as reflexology and I explain it a bit more in this video here >.  Reflexology is an amazing, really gentle and non-invasive way of relieving pain and is easy and safe for you to do on your own hands.

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