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Do you have Bach Flower Rescue Remedy in your first aid kit?  Or your bathroom or kitchen cupboard?  If not, you should get it!  This is one of those remedies I'm always using.

Rescue Remedy is a blend of five different flower essences and was originally created by Dr Edward Bach in the 1920s and 30s.  Flower essences help balance the emotions and I believe they're ultimately "soul therapy" because they work so gently and yet so deeply. 

Rescue Remedy was created to help people in times of crises, panic, shock or extreme stress.  The flower essences in Rescue Remedy have been specially chosen to calm you down, help you think rationally and help you cope with stress.  The five remedies in Rescue Remedy are:

  • Rock Rose - to help you cope with feelings of panic or terror
  • Cherry Plum - to help you find mental clarity and think rationally
  • Star of Bethlehem - to help you recover from trauma or shock
  • Impatiens - to help calm and soothe you 
  • Clematis - to help you focus.

Have a listen to my video for ideas of how and when to use Rescue Remedy.  I'm always using it in my home - with my children, my pets and even my plants!  I also recommend it to my clients when they're struggling to sleep because of stress, or when they have anxiety due to a new job or a big change (such as moving country).  

You can buy Rescue Remedy in most pharmacies or health shops and you can even buy little pastille sweets with it in now!

If you're really struggling with stress then have a listen to my free training in which I give you my favourite strategies for coping with stress.  These are the strategies I find help me personally cope better with stress and I often share them with my clients who always report back how much these simple strategies can help!  Click here to have a listen >

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