Kali Phos - The Tissue Salt You Need When You're Overworking


Sometimes life gets a bit busy and we need a little extra help to keep up with it.  That's when biochemic tissue salts, sometimes called cell salts or Scheussler's salts, come in!

Kali Phos 6X is my personal favourite "go-to" remedy for when I'm feeling run down from overworking.  You know that feeling when you're so tired that you can't sleep?  Have a listen to this video in which I tell you all about Kali Phos 6x, as well as where to find it and how to take it.  Enjoy!

By the way, if you're really struggling with tiredness, fatigue or burnout, then perhaps my online program will help you?  It's called The Art of Creating Energy and is a self-paced program in which you'll learn how to rebuild your health, master your overwhelm and free yourself from fatigue. Join the waitlist here and I'll let you know when doors for enrolment open.

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