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What is Reflexology?


You may have heard about how great reflexology feels and how good it is for your health, but do you actually know what it is? And do you know what it does to your body?  And to your health?

Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive therapy in which specific points on the hands, feet and ears are stimulated to encourage circulation.  These points are called "reflexes" and they mirror, or reflect, the organs and structures of your body.   

It's actually quite an amazing therapy when you think about it.  There is one specific area that reflects your head, there is a different one for your shoulders, and a different one for your knees.  There are even points that reflect your thyroid gland, your uterus, your adrenal name it....if it's on your body then it's on your hands, your feet and your ears!

Unfortunately we don't yet know how to explain reflexology in purely scientific terms.  However, we do know that massaging the hands and feet to encourage health and prevent disease has been practised by different cultures for thousands of years and that reflexology is deeply relaxing and can help you cope with stress, and improve your circulation. 

Have a listen to my video in which I chat about reflexology a bit more, and if you'd like to learn how to do reflexology on your own hands, then please have a look at my online workshop here:  Teach Yourself Hand Reflexology.

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