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If you know what you should be doing to get yourself healthy, but you're struggling to put all that knowledge into action, then join one of my small, intimate group sessions.  You'll make friends, get support and really explore what health and healing means to you.

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Working Towards Wellness

Do you see clients from home or do you run your own small business?  

Do you feel like you’re hurtling towards burnout because by the time you’ve looked after your kids, partners, homes, pets, clients and done all your admin, you’ve got absolutely no energy left to look after yourself? 

If yes, then join me for a strategy session in which you’ll develop a 2023 business plan that integrates growing your business, building your health and nourishing your soul.   By the end of it you’ll know where, and how,  to focus your time and energy so that your business can grow without you burning yourself out. 

Take a few hours this November to step away from the busy-ness and overwhelm and plan for a perfect 2023: one in which your business grows, you finish all those projects you keep dreaming of, your health and vitality build, and you have more time and space to enjoy what matters to you in life.

Live in Perth - Wednesday 7 December, 10am to 12noon, AUD 27 - CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Online - Thursday 8 December, 5-7pm AWST, USD 17 - CLICK HERE TO BOOK


Stop the Menopausal Madness

Would you believe me if I said menopause should be one of the best times in your life?  It should be a time when you find your freedom and your power. 

Unfortunately, for most women it’s a time of hot flushes, loss of libido, insomnia, and weight gain.  A time of feeling completely and utterly powerless. 

Join me for some heart-warming discussions and step-by-step guidance on how you can change your everyday habits and use natural therapies and home-remedies to stop the menopausal madness, take back your power and regain your energy. 

We'll explore aromatherapy oils, tissue salts, reflexology points, herbs and foods...get ready for some fun!


If you're interested in joining this workshop send me an email and I'll let you know when the next sessions are running.  Email me at:  [email protected]


Monique, Canada

"Dr Ruth helped and guided my husband and I through some scary weeks following his open heart surgery. Her calm, caring and incisive advice and spot on homeopathic recommendations got us through it all physically and also emotionally. Thank you Dr Ruth. You are a gifted carer and healer and we are deeply grateful."

Tanya, South Africa

"Dr Ruth Hull is just amazing! After suffering for years with chronic sinus, using antihistamines and nose sprays daily...I went to Dr Ruth and it was sorted out in no time. I haven't suffered since. Her gentle nature and vast knowledge gives a holistic approach to your personal health."

Amber, Australia

"Ruth is a genuinely caring, attentive and skilled homeopath. She looks at the whole mind-body-spirit when treating her patients. Most importantly, she is naturally empathetic and easy to talk to via video calls. I highly recommend her, especially when looking for alternatives to traditional medicine."

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I find the more I share what I know the more I learn, and so I love to speak at all events, large or small.  I've presented at international conferences for health professionals wanting to learn more as well as run workshops for small groups of women struggling with their health.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you're looking for a speaker or want to offer your staff something unique!

EMAIL:  [email protected]

There is a solution to your burnout.

Having spent many years struggling with fatigue myself, and having spent more than 23 years working in natural health, I know that true healing happens slowly...but it can happen.  I'm here to share what I've learned so that your journey back to health can be easier and quicker.  Read my blogs, watch my videos, subscribe to my weekly newsletter and hopefully you'll find your answers.

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