Are you struggling with constant tiredness and brainfog?


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Why am I so tired?

The first step in ‘fighting fatigue’ begins with finding the underlying cause of why you're so tired.  This blog will help you rule out the most common causes of fatigue.  Maybe there's a really simple solution to your fatigue!

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What infections cause fatigue?

There are many different causes of ongoing fatigue, and one common cause is an infection. In this video I chat about some of the common, and not so common, infections that can cause you to feel tired all the time.

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Are you looking after your brain?

Often we’re so busy looking after our families and our general health that we don’t make time to specifically look after our brains, yet it is surprisingly easy to ensure we’re resting, feeding and exercising them.  Here you’ll find a few different ways in which you can look after your own brain.

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Learn How to Cope with Stress When You're Too Tired To Think

Listen to my free audio training and learn my personal favourite strategies that help me cope with stress and overwhelm.

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Start here if you want to regain your energy

If you're struggling with fatigue and burnout and not sure how or where to start when it comes to rebuilding your health, then have a look at my 3-step guide, Where To Start.

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Learn how to do reflexology on your own hands

Learn hand reflexology online.  You'll be able to take the edge off your headaches and joint pain; release your tight neck and shoulders; quieten your busy mind; and start to let go and de-stress.

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