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As Sherry Rogers says, "the road to health is paved with good intestines!"  If you want to rebuild your health, you have to focus on your improving your gut health so I've put together a collection of my blogs, videos and free resources that I know will help you.  If you've got a burning question or if there's a topic you would love to learn more about, subscribe to my weekly newsletter and ask me your questions.  I will be sure to answer them!  Click here to subscribe >

A quick peek at your second brain - the gut microbiome

I’m sure by now you have heard a lot about the gut microbiome and its role in health and disease. But have you ever wondered why it is so important and what exactly is its role?

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Probiotics and your microbiome

One of the first things you can start doing to improve your gut health (and hence your overall health) is to start eating more probiotic rich foods.  In this blog we explore the gut microbiome and how to feed and nourish it.

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Gluten free?  Is it for me?

If you're wondering whether or not you should give up gluten, then have a listen to my video.  I chat about the effects of gluten on your health, symptoms of gluten-sensitivity and what you can eat as an alternative to gluten.

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Is what you're eating causing your brain fog?

Unfortunately a lot of the foods we love damage our gut lining and cause chronic inflammation which leads to brain fog, fatigue, joint pain and many other symptoms.  What are you eating?

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Why do I bloat after eating anything, no matter what?

Food intolerances are one of the most frustrating things to deal with when it comes to your health so I've put together a video and downloadable guide to walk you through how to do an Elimination Diet properly.

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Love your liver

Integral to digestive health is a healthy liver.  Your liver not only cleans your blood, it also metabolises a lot of your nutrients and even helps control your blood sugars.  So start loving your liver today!

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Learn how to do reflexology on your own hands

Learn hand reflexology online.  You'll be able to take the edge off your headaches and joint pain; release your tight neck and shoulders; quieten your busy mind; and start to let go and de-stress.

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Learn How to Cope with Stress When You're Too Tired To Think

Listen to my free audio training and learn my personal favourite strategies that help me cope with stress and overwhelm.

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Start here if you want to regain your energy

If you're struggling with fatigue and burnout and not sure how or where to start when it comes to rebuilding your health, then have a look at my 3-step guide, Where To Start.

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