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Hi, I'm Ruth.


I trained as a homoeopathic doctor and complementary health therapist and have worked in natural health for over 23 years.  I've published four health-related textbooks used in colleges worldwide, and also teach anatomy, physiology and pathology. 

Most importantly, I have a passion for working with people struggling with fatigue and burnout.

Do you want to get to know me a bit better?

Here are a few interviews, podcasts and articles to help you.


Join Ruth Hull & Eugenie Kruger at the Homeopathy Hangout Podcast, where they discuss wholistic health, 2021.


Kush Kumar, CEO of the British educational association, Think Tree Hub, interviews Dr Ruth Hull, 2020.


Published in The South African Journal of Natural Medicine, Dr Ruth Hull discusses natural solutions to menopause, 2017.

Any questions? 

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