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Mag Phos 6X - Nature's Muscle Relaxant

Also called tissue salt #8, Mag Phos 6X is a remedy every one should have at home. It's a wonderful muscle relaxant and can help alleviate any type of pain related to cramps or spasms. So think colic in small babies, tummy aches in young children, stress headaches due to tight neck and shoulders, sharp shooting toothaches or earaches.

Mag Phos 6X is one of the biochemic tissue salts (also called Scheussler's salts or cell salts) developed by Dr Scheussler in the 19th century. You can read more about tissue salts and how to take them in my blog on Kali Phos which is the tissue salt you need when you're feeling overworked and stressed out. If taken correctly (as per the directions on the bottle) tissue salts are safe for most people including babies, pregnant women and the elderly.

Schuessler's biochemic cell salts
Tissue salts are gentle, non-addictive, have minimal side effects and can be bought in most health shops, pharmacies or online.

Mag Phos 6X - a natural painkiller, antispasmodic and muscle relaxant

Mag Phos 6X is nature's painkiller and muscle relaxant, working on both nerves and muscles. It helps with spasms, headaches, twitches and cramps. I so wish I had it with me a few weeks ago when I was writing an exam - my hands are so used to typing on a computer that after two hours of writing my hand was cramping and I thought it was going to give up on me!

What is Mag Phos 6X used for?

Mag Phos can be used for many different conditions as long as they involve cramps, spasms or pain. Pain is a message from our bodies that something is not quite right so it is important to not only try to get rid of the pain, but also find out what is going on in your body and the reason why you are in so much pain. If you can understand this then you can combine Mag Phos with another tissue salt for a deeper treatment.

Here are some common conditions that Mag Phos can help:

  • Headaches - for headaches with sharp pain over one eye, or headaches that feel like a tight band around your head, try Mag Phos. If these headaches are due to stress or exhaustion then combine Mag Phos with Kali Phos.

  • Period pain - Mag Phos is a gift to women who struggle with period pains or cramps during ovulation.

  • Colicky babies - use Mag Phos alone or combine with Nat Phos if your baby has gas and bloating as well as pain.

  • Back ache with spasms - there are many different types of backache, but if you're experiencing sharp, shooting spasmodic pain then combine Mag Phos with Calc Fluor (and visit your doctor or chiropractor!).

  • Uncontrollable spasmodic movements - including twitches, tics, hiccups, shaking hands and writer's cramp.

How to take Mag Phos 6X

You usually buy tissue salts in a pillule or liquid form and the bottle will give you directions on how to take them. Mag Phos seems to work quicker if you take it frequently in warm water. For example, if you have a headache then crush two tablets of Mag Phos in a mug of warm water and take a few sip of it every ten minutes until the headache subsides.

Tissue salts are gentle on the body and are not known to have any side effects but the pillules are made from lactose (which is a sugar) so if you're lactose-intolerant or diabetic, then only buy the liquid form. Although they can be used for many different health conditions, it's important to remember that tissue salts are NOT medicines or supplements and do not replace medical care.

Foods rich in Mag Phos

Many foods contain Mag Phos so if you're struggling with frequent cramps or spasms then try including more of the following foods in your daily diet:

  • Leafy greens

  • Lentils

  • Walnuts and almonds

  • Apples, oranges, bananas, plums and lemons.

For a delicious salad recipe rich in Mag Phos subscribe to my blog and you'll get access to my "subscribers only" page where I'm always adding recipes, downloadable guides, and cheatsheets. You can subscribe at the top or bottom of this page :)


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