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Get to know Rescue Remedy

I had a beautiful experience with Rescue Remedy and the homoeopathic remedy Carbo veg. One morning I went into the garden and there was a tiny baby bird floating in our small swimming pool. It looked like some kind of honeyeater.

I thought it was dead when I first scooped it out but then I noticed it wasn't so I called my daughter and we put it on the lawn to dry out. Whilst she was guarding it from our cats, I went back into the house, poured a glass of water, added one pillule of Carbo veg 30CH (commonly known as the 'corpse reviver') and 4 drops of Rescue Remedy. My daughter and I sat next to the little bird and using a dropper gently fed it a few drops of this solution every couple of minutes. I actually couldn't quite believe how quickly the bird improved and it wasn't long before it flew off! Wow - I love how nature helps nature!

Rescue remedy can help your pets, birds and plants
Rescue remedy can help animals, birds and even plants.

If you're interested in natural health then I'm really hoping you have a bottle of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy at home. If not, you should get it! This is one of those remedies I'm always using and when my children were little I carried a bottle of it in my handbag.

What is Rescue Remedy?

Rescue Remedy is a blend of five different flower essences and was originally created by Dr Edward Bach in the 1920s and 30s. He believed deeply that one's physical health is dependent on their mental health and said:

Health depends on being in harmony with our souls.

Dr Bach was a bacteriologist, physician and homoeopath and he developed a complete system of 38 flower remedies that work by treating the person, not the disease. Christine Wildwood describes Dr Bach's understanding of health and disease in her book, Flower Remedies: "Equally important to Bach was the realisation that long continued stress resulting from emotions such as anger, fear or worry lowered a person's resistance to disease. The body would then become prey to all manner of infection or illness, whether it be a cold, shingles, a digestive upset or something much more serious. At the same time, he observed that an individual's emotional outlook influenced the course, severity, and duration of their disease."

Flower essences help balance the emotions and I believe they're ultimately "soul therapy" because they work so gently and yet so deeply. If you've never used them before then Rescue Remedy is probably the easiest to start with and the one you will use the most often.

Which flower essences are in Rescue Remedy?

Rescue Remedy was initially created to help people in times of crises, panic, shock or extreme stress but it can also be used for children who fall and bump themselves, for plants when you move them to a new house, or for a new pet who is not settling in your home. The flower essences in Rescue Remedy have been specially chosen to calm you down, help you think rationally and help you cope with stress. The five remedies in Rescue Remedy are:

  • Rock Rose - to help you cope with feelings of panic or terror

  • Cherry Plum - to help you find mental clarity and think rationally

  • Star of Bethlehem - to help you recover from trauma or shock

  • Impatiens - to help calm and soothe you

  • Clematis - to help you focus.

Bach flower remedies for healing
Flower remedies are gentle, beautiful remedies that can help you balance and heal on a very deep, emotional level.

Have a listen to my video for ideas of how and when to use Rescue Remedy. I'm always using it in my home and I also recommend it to my clients when they're struggling to sleep because of stress, or when they have anxiety due to a new job or a big change (such as moving country).

You can buy Rescue Remedy in most pharmacies or health shops and you can even buy little pastille sweets with it in now!


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